CSR Ukraine is an expert organization in Ukraine that unites over 40 big companies and promotes the idea of sustainable business development and corporate responsibility for over ten years. It creates socially impactful projects, provides consulting services, seminars and trainings united under the umbrella of CSR related topics for private companies and governmental organizations. It is a national partner of CSR Europe (Brussels, Belgium) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (Geneva, Switzerland).

UNFPA is formally named the United Nations Population Fund and works mainly in the areas of youth development, gender equality and reproductive health. The agency operates in over 150 countries globally and have been present in Ukraine since 1997. Together with partners, it creates the opportunities for young people that help them to reach their full potential, lead a healthy lifestyle, be aware of their reproductive rights and take a proactive role in local communities.
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Ministry of youth and sports of Ukraine is the government of Ukraine body responsible for creation and implementation of politics related to youth, physical activity and sports, nationally inclined education and enlightenment. The main aim of the Ministry is to form, monitor and promote the policies within the above-mentioned areas as well as to ensure the operation of volunteer organizations within the country, when needed and required by Ukrainian authorities.

Pact for Youth – 2025 is the initiative that unties companies, governmental and educational sectors for the sake of the professional development of young people. The Pacts’ goal for the next five years is to create 20,000 internship positions and entry-level jobs for youth in Ukraine, to promote 1,000 business-to-education partnerships for quality education and youth development in Ukraine, as well as to provide mentoring support to 1,500 young people. All of this is to be achieved with the help and assistantship of more than 1000 company representatives as corporate mentors.
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The platform was created by the Center for CSR Development with the support of the United Nations Population Fund and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine within the framework of the Youth Pact 2025 initiative.

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