Дмитро Кривошей

Компанія: WePlay Esports (у складі Techiia Holding)
Сфери компетенції: IT сфера, Освітня сфера, Управління проєктами
Місто: Київ

Опис ментора

• Strong experience in the R&D processes management: the actual Project & Product Manager/Owner roles over the last 4 years – ability to solve complex and even peculiar technical issues with involvement of numerous structural divisions, contractors, foreign partners, etc.
• Comprehension of Waterfall and Agile (Scrum, Kanban) methodologies, proficiency to interact with software engineers via Jira, Trello, cooperate with UI/UX designers via Figma, superintend QA, collaborate with stakeholders, customers, end users, etc.
• Long-term experience in creation of business requirements and technical specifications, decomposing them into epics, user stories and tasks, prioritizing backlog, controlling workflow, etc.
• Vast (12+ years) background of soft skills, teem motivation, conflict prediction or resolution, etc.
• Ample skills in reporting and publication to a wide audience, ability to present ideas and results.
• Extensive knowledge of electronics, computer hardware, M2M and IoT technologies, vast acquirements in automotive and telematics area, satellite monitoring and security systems.
• Proficiency in scientific research, approbation and implementation of electronic devices and systems, followed by detailed analysis.
• Experience in creating and maintaining computer/network infrastructure, development and further administration of the enterprise website.
• Programming experience in C++ Builder, Turbo Pascal, Assembler (for microcontrollers), HTML coding, knowledge of Microsoft Windows as a system administrator, employing Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD, Mathcad, MATLAB, OrCAD, Multisim, Proteus, etc.
• Proficiency in writing textbooks, study guidelines, technical manuals, reports, articles, reviews and so on; excellent university disciplines teaching background (in IT, electronics and automation spheres).
• Experience in technical translation of manuals, datasheets, localizations, etc. for hardware and software.

Я можу надати менторську підтримку з питань організації роботи IT-команди та розвитку IT-продукту (з точки зору ролей Project Manager та Product Manager).

Платформу створено Центром “Розвиток КСВ” за підтримки Фонду ООН у галузі народонаселення і Міністерства молоді та спорту України в межах ініціативи “Пакт заради молоді – 2025”.

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